Professional and Reassuring

5 out of 5 stars

For sometime I have been concerned my hearing has been deteriorating. I made a promise to myself it would never get so bad that my wife and family would be urging me to do something about it.
Recently, I went to a public meeting held in an old church. I left part of the way through because I could not properly hear the speaker. I knew I should do something about my hearing. I did some research on the Internet and decided that I should go to an independent audiologist. I found one that looked right and was located only a few miles from where I lived. I made contact to obtain some introductory literature which arrived very quickly and was of a high standard and most informative – I quickly made an appointment to see Rob Donnan at his premises in Cleckheaton.
At my first consultation I was given a hearing test the results of which I was told by Rob, I was just over the borderline and, if I had used the NHS I would have been provided with a hearing aid. Despite this Rob told me he would not make any recommendation. I could follow the NHS route; I could leave and come back when I noticed further deterioration; I could have a no obligation free trial of a pair of hearing aids. Thankfully I opted for the trial.
Over about six weeks I had several consultations with Rob; tried two different hearing aids and finally made a decision to purchase the pair I found most suitable. What thoughts led me to this decision?
My wife’s first reaction when I arrived home wearing aids: “You’re not speaking so loudly.”
Finding following conversations in a social environment much easier.
Finding telephone conversations (especially those with call centres) so much easier to follow.

Secretly I am a bit of a techie and with the Streamer Pro I enjoy remotely streaming calls and music from my smartphone directly to my hearing aids.
And one rather odd situation – after attending a memorial service for a colleague, my wife telling me it was the first time she had heard me sing in tune!
Finally, the very professional, patient, good humoured and non pushy way that Rob conducted the process throughout.

Mr. D Chandler