The York Hearing Practice

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The York Hearing Practice is a state-of-the-art hearing aid centre in Fulford, York, specializing in independent hearing aid consultations, ear wax micro-suction, Lyric constant wear hearing aids and Roger digital communication devices.


York - trial only

5 out of 5 stars

york phonak B50

"I cannot recommend Rob at York Hearing Practice highly enough. I went to see him after my NHS hearing aids had been sat in a drawer for 3 years as I found them uncomfortable and annoying.

Rob tested my hearing and suggested a free trial, I have to say he did his best over a number of weeks to find a solution for my mild hearing loss and tinnitus. There was never at any time any hard sell or signing on the dotted line, he was happy for me to trial the hearing aids which were far superior to the NHS ones for as long as I wanted.

I didn’t end up purchasing the hearing aids nothing to do with york hearing clinic, I just felt that they didn’t make enough difference to my everyday life.”

York - Phonak B50

5 out of 5 stars

york phonak B50"Over the last couple of years my wife and I had realised we were not hearing as well as we should. Because I had seen other people with hearing aids apparently struggling with them, I did not want to spend a lot of money and find I was not happy. My wife had a friend, who had been advised, and had bought aids from Rob and who was very pleased with the outcome.

Our friend lives in Cleckheaton we live in York, but we subsequently discovered that Rob has consultancy rooms in both places. We saw Rob the week before Christmas 2017. We were extremely impressed by his knowledge and his expertise in translating the extensive hearing tests.
Rob explained in detail about the elements of our hearing loss. He gave his recommendation for the type of aids he thought would be suitable and advised the cost.

He was very clear that once fitted we could use the aids without payment until we were completely satisfied, and that he had many options including adjusting our aids or even supplying another make, if we were not completely happy.

I had done some research, and one factor that persuaded me I had a need for aids was the experts’ opinion that reduced hearing can impair the ability of the brain to interpret the sounds I was supposed to be hearing. A lack of correction can be a contributory factor to dementia!. I also discovered that the pricing of the aids was very competitive.

Both my wife and I were fitted with Phonak B50-R aids on the 17th January. From day one we were hearing each other with clarity and were hearing sounds that had obviously diminished over time. Important sounds like the noise of cyclist approaching from behind, the clarity of the bird sounds, TV speech being very much clearer and the clarity of hearing in noisy environments.

Incidentally we did not consider our hearing was all that bad, but the improvement is significant. Rob advised it could take some months to have the full benefit. In our case it was excellent from day one, although Rob says it could improve further over the coming months. We have seen Rob today 1st February 18 when Rob listened to our experience and provide us with our cleaning kits and explained his after care service. We have another appointment in 4 weeks so that our aids can be fine tuned further.

We are delighted with our aids, we opted for the rechargeable lithium aids. We just pop them in their charging units overnight and this provides 24 hour use. We recommend Rob and his team very highly indeed. Our meetings with him has been a real pleasure”

York - Phonak Virto B

5 out of 5 stars

York Virto B

“I have been wearing hearing aids since my mid fifties and have a moderate loss in both ears. Over 20 years, I have had NHS aids periodically replaced, and also hearing aids purchased from a well known high street chain. During that time, I would describe the hearing improvement provided by most of the aids to be “at the low end of my expectancy level”.

Generally, NHS aids are “OK” and always “behind the ear”. Their main problem is the difficulty in obtaining appointments for problems, adjustment, etc, and life is desperate when my hearing aids are not functioning correctly. As a result, I have always had a pair of privately purchased aids, with my NHS aids providing backup.

Appointments with the high street chain were not generally a problem, but there was very little proactive action from the audiologists, so I was never confident that the supplied aids were operating at their best with regard to my particular hearing loss, and I always felt I was a “customer” rather than a “patient”.

In July 2017, I decided it was time for a change. Coincidentally, that month, I took delivery of a new pair of NHS Phonak aids, which were much better than I had ever had previously, and this convinced me there must be a better solution for me out there somewhere! Also, coincidentally, RJ Donnan had opened a branch in York where I live, and it was just a 5 minute cycle ride away. I researched them on the internet and there was enough positive information out there to suggest a visit might be worthwhile.

It’s now October 2017 as I write this and the process for acquiring my new aids is coming to a successful close – and all thanks to Robert Donnan for that. During the last 3 months, I have tested four pairs of hearing aids and from the initial appointment, which was spent exploring my hearing history and checking my hearing, Robert has been patient, encouraging and adept as we finally arrived at my choice of aids. I know I will never find hearing aids that will restore my hearing to A1, but at last I have some that provide a good level of hearing in a mix of environments.

It’s a matter of fact, that the quality of service received will be largely determined by the audiologist you deal with, and as a founder of the company, and from my experience with Robert, I would expect and hope his ethos, his standards, and his commitment, have been implemented throughout the company.

One final point, my choice of hearing aid was a Phonak Virto B30 and although I also tried the top-end B90 in the same range, I found the latter, for me, did not offer any useful improvements over the B30….so bigger isn’t always better!”