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I woke up in the middle of the night at Centerparcs on 9 April 2009 with ringing in my right ear. Tinnitus is a poorly understood chronic condition which is most probably caused by damage to the inner ear with a consequential affect on the electrical circuitry in the auditory cortex.

The brain’s many responses to the high pitched ringing which its victims must endure would test the resilience of the strongest person. In the worst cases you will get constant monitoring, insomnia, anxiety and depression. You should read William Shatner’s account of his battle with it on the Internet.

In my search for an answer to this chronic problem I have seen many ENT surgeons, audiologists and other doctors, including experts on Harley Street. Eventually, and basing my approach on Professor Pawel Jastreboff’s book “Tinnitus Retraining Therapy”, I worked out that you can break the response to the ringing by retraining your brain not to respond to the noise.

It’s a long job and involves getting hearing aids fitted which play white noise at the pitch of the hearing loss during the day and which (in my case) masks it completely at night.

Of all the hearing experts I have seen, without doubt, Robert has been the most helpful and effective. He has first class phonak equipment and software and has the most up to date understanding of this problem of all the professionals I have dealt with in my 7 year struggle.

He is also, importantly, a thoroughly decent and compassionate man. If you are struggling with this problem get in touch with Robert. If it’s really bad and you need someone talk to, Robert will give you my number. Don’t give up. There is a way forward. Best of luck.


Simon is a partner in a global law firm.

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