Brilliant, trustworthy and excellent service.

5 out of 5 stars


James Bland

11 June 2015

Brilliant, trustworthy and excellent service.


I was rather uncertain after wearing NHS hearing aids for 10 years but the benefit of a free trial helped to win me over.  Rob was very professional, approachable and helpful, nothing was too much  trouble  even making  two  home  visits to  “fine  tune”  the  units. The  Phonak  V30 10 made an immediate difference to my hearing, is unobtrusive and almost invisible  when  wearing.  What  really impressed  me  and  I found  refreshing  was following the free trial period when I asked to upgrade to a more expensive Phonak  V50  RIC,  Rob  suggested that for my type of hearing loss  the technical improvement over the  V30  would  not  be   cost  beneficial. The  service  and  care  is  exemplary.  I  carried  out  a  significant  degree  of  internet   research and found that  his  prices  are  extremely  competitive  so  with a  free  trial  and  60  day  money  back  guarantee  I  can  highly recommend R J Donnan.