Oticon Opn1 with remote control and TV streamer

5 out of 5 stars

I cannot recommend RJ Donnan Hearing Care enough. I needed new a new aid as my old one had finally given up the ghost, and even though I live several counties away and almost everything had to be done by email and post, the quality of service I’ve received has been absolutely the best ever.
This is a very professional company that really does understand clients needs. Rob listened to my requirements which are based on my hearing loss and previous experiences with various hearing aids and suppliers and came up with the goods. I was able to try several different aids at my own leisure, with no pressure, before settling on the new Oticon Opn1 with a remote control and TV streamer.
It’s not number 1 on Rob’s recommendations list for nothing. It has changed my life, nothing I’ve had before comes anywhere close to this aid. Conversation in all environments is now so much easier, listening to the TV either via the streamer or not is enjoyable again. My personal confidence is way above where it used to be, taking part in the world again is so much easier.

John Cheetham


22 01 17