Life Changing

5 out of 5 stars


John Harland

14 October 2015



Hi, I am a professional auctioneer and have played bass and sung in bands  for  many  years.  Over a  period of time and with a constant bashing  of my lugs   I  found  myself  asking  people  to  “say that again”.

In August while in  Cleckheaton  I  walked  into  R J Donnan Hearing  Centre  with  my  wife  to enquire what was on offer. The receptionist was ever so  helpful and gave me literature to look over.  Within a few days I had made an appointment to see Robert. After a hearing test  I didn’t know what to expect. Robert put me completely at ease and fitted a small aid behind my  ear.  When the  power came on I was amazed !! I hadn’t realised   how  much my  hearing  had  deteriorated.  “I  could  hear crystal clear” To be honest I felt quite emotional. I was due to go on holiday within the next few days. Robert said “It’s my company” have a few weeks free trial and see me when  you return.  As  you  can see, time has passed and I absolutely love my Return to the “Hearing World”. More to  the point  “No one at work has noticed  I  have  a  hearing  aid”.  (Happy  to  talk  personally)  about  my  experience. Robert has my number and has my permission to pass it on. 

Many Thanks.