Surprising Results with PHONAK CROS II

5 out of 5 stars


Approximately 25 years ago I began with bad attacks of menieres syndrome (dizziness, loss of balance and sickness). Over the years the menieres has improved but left me with 85% deafness in my right ear and awful tinnitus. I have tried an NHS hearing aid but to no avail. Recently through recommendation, my husband contacted Rob Donnan and was fitted with his hearing aids which have transformed his life!  On one of Rob’s visits to our home, I explained my situation and he offered to fit me with a ‘crossover’ system with no obligation. At first I was apprehensive and sceptical as nothing had worked previously, but decided to give the 2 week trial a go. I am over the moon with the results and can not believe the difference it has made to my life, not only can I hear so much better it has stabilized my tinnitus (in my right ear). 


S.Peel, Bewerley, Pateley Bridge