Superb Hearing

5 out of 5 stars

RJD hearing


Brenda Turner

8th January 2016

Phonak V30 10

“Best advice, service and price. Although I have worn hearing aids for several years, I have never really had good hearing. I live in Spain and visiting Cleckheaton a couple of years ago I discovered RJD hearing . Since then I have always bought my batteries and wax guards from them due to the low price and friendly advice I am always given. On my last visit I discussed new hearing aids with Rob. He gave me so much information about my hearing loss and how it could be improved. I was offered a free trial which I readily accepted, receiving my aids straight away. I was immediately impressed my hearing felt NORMAL. My visit to the UK was short so Rob saw me every few days to make any adjustments and gradually teach me how to use and care for my aids. I can email Rob and get new supplies by post at any time. I have complete confidence in Rob and his team and am highly delighted to have superb hearing in all situations”

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