Phonak Virto V30 CIC – incredible results

5 out of 5 stars

The first of my visits with Mr Donnan was to fix and adjust my old plaster covered, DIY hearing aids – my ‘self-diagnosed’ fix for many years. I had a test and I still did not think I needed much correction to my hearing, never mind new hearing aids. Yes, I thought I could just carry on – day after day, then year after year with my ‘make do’ hearing aids.
I elected for the no pressure free trial. And I mean no pressure!! To my surprise, I didn’t know the technology had advanced so much. The following after-care appointments were completely at my convenience – for any adjustments, (which I very much advise you to take advantage of) and yes, there was an small adjustment needed for me.
The very noticeable difference with my ‘new hearing’ during the free trial was that I forgot what it was like to hear properly! … for instance, after a few days of using my trial hearing aids and then removing them one evening – WOW!!… then you know you really do have a serious hearing problem. i was thinking completely the opposite before the trial.

Even the years of tinnitus has gone !!!

I eventually went for buying my free trial aids that where recommended for me (Phonak Virto V30 Power CIC), with the 5 years battery and warranty package, it was well within my budget. It worked out less than £1 per day, over the 5 years for everything. To me, well worth it !!,

My next appointment is 3 months from now – all part of the free aftercare. The appointments are always relaxed and informal. Anyone just ignoring their hearing problems does not correct their hearing. Doing something about it does!
The no-pressure free trial gives you no excuses to check your hearing out.

Graham Young, East Lancashire

28 12 16