5 out of 5 stars

“All the people who know me know that I always intensively research a product before I buy it, if its a car, laptop or smart phone. I want the best on the market at the best possible price. I can now say that I have found another great product and service which is unbeatable by any of the high street stores. After getting talking to my friend of many years about my hearing problems, she suggested that I visit Rob and May down at Ossy mills, which I did around six weeks ago. After an initial hearing test and consultation, which was informal and relaxed, Rob offered me a free trial of the hearing aids that he recommended for my particular problem.Since having the aids in I have felt like a new person, I have been back several times for fine tuning, advice and usually a good chat and laugh. 

I would definitely recommend a visit to Rob and May to anyone before they splash out hundreds of pounds more than they should to the big name stores. What have you to lose?”

Paul Couper,

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