Latest Audiologists with Trusthear Reviews

The Nottingham Hearing Practice

The Kirklees Hearing Practice

The Hearing Clinic, Worthing


10 reviews, 100% 5 star

65 reviews, 100% 5 star

3 reviews, 100% 5 star

The Chesterfield Hearing Practice

The York Hearing Practice

Trust Hearing, Lancashire


1 review, 5 star

5 reviews, 100% 5 star

4 reviews, 100% 5 star 

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UK hearing aid audiologist reviews

Find the best hearing aid suppliers – search We gather reviews about INDEPENDENT hearing aid suppliers in the UK. These are all HCPC registered hearing aid audiologists.  They must be trading for at least 3 years to appear on this website. They must also have a staffed practice that is open to the public at least 5 days a week.

Hearing aid reviews for England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland

If you want to deal with the best, then look no further. As ‘Which’ magazine articles (on all three occasions that they have conducted surveys, Independent Audiologists rank the highest in a all categories tested.

Our reviewers provide in-depth feedback about their experience at their chosed provider. Each is checked for authenticity and we request a photo to both illustrate the review and again to help authenticate it.

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