Comments about R J D Hearing Care in Cleckheaton



 Stan Hainsworth, 30 August  2012

A Pleasure. Mr. Donnan is a genuine man. I recommend him to anyone needing hearing aids.


 Doreen Greenwood, 4th March 2013

Mr. Donnan couldn’t be more helpful. The results are just as I expected. (Phonak Q50 10)


 Joyce Skidmore, 12th July 2013

I was sent to Mr. Donnan by my friend who had been here as well. I am very pleased with my new hearing aids and I’m looked after with regular appointments booked via a call from the wonderful staff at Cleckheaton


 Lawrence Hunt, 20th February, 2011

I’m looked after very well….on the many occasions I’ve needed adjustments or parts replaced, its been done quickly and efficiently. (Oticon Delta 6000)


 Derek Walker, 1st November, 2013

Mr. Donnan is very patient in his dealings with me… I’ve had a few problems getting them right and a lot of appointments. There’s never been any bother being seen.


 Sean Donlan, 30th July, 2013

I realise immediately that I can hear on my left side -as soon as I switch on.. I  show  friends  how  it  all works  by  scratching my head,  instantly hearing it on my good side. (Phonak Q50 +CROS )


 Michelle Mundy, PORTUGAL,2nd April, 2010

(Resound Alera 760) Nothing is too much trouble for my Mr. D!


 Francisco Morales,  CHILE, 4th August, 2011

(Phonak Ceramic S-Smart IX) Mr. Donnan is fine company. I visit once a year to get everything checked. I think I am his most distant patient!


 Joe Clough, 8th October, 2012

(Unitron Quantum 20) The service here is outstanding.

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