Home visit – trial of OTICON OPN 1

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Oticon OPN 1 Falling off horses has been a regular part of my life for the last 5o+ years and I have had plenty of visits to A&E as a result. Broken bones heal with time as do bruises and sprains, but I have been most adversely affected by hearing loss. When my hearing was […]

Tinnitus matching success

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I woke up in the middle of the night at Centerparcs on 9 April 2009 with ringing in my right ear. Tinnitus is a poorly understood chronic condition which is most probably caused by damage to the inner ear with a consequential affect on the electrical circuitry in the auditory cortex. The brain’s many responses […]


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“I am, according to my family, officially a Grumpy Old Woman. Less of the ‘old’, please – I am only 62 and often feel a good deal less! However, I do admit to being something of a pedant, and shriek in annoyance at the poor enunciation by television newscasters, the mumbling of actors, and the […]

7 Months’ Trial

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(Phonak Audeo V50) When I began to suspect that my hearing was changing I accessed a hearing test at my local opticians who is an associate of the above practice. Mr R J Donnan was not only very professional but very supportive throughout the process of identifying the problem, carefully explaining what the hearing test […]

Professional and Reassuring

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For sometime I have been concerned my hearing has been deteriorating. I made a promise to myself it would never get so bad that my wife and family would be urging me to do something about it. Recently, I went to a public meeting held in an old church. I left part of the way […]

Margaret Hockney’s Analogue Hearing

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“I have worn hearing aids for over 50 years. My first one was a Medresco hearing aid from the National Health Service, named after the Medical Research Council of the NHS. It was as big as cigarette box, and had a length of wire to the ear mould. It had a clip to fix on […]

Surprising Results with PHONAK CROS II

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RJDhearingcare Approximately 25 years ago I began with bad attacks of menieres syndrome (dizziness, loss of balance and sickness). Over the years the menieres has improved but left me with 85% deafness in my right ear and awful tinnitus. I have tried an NHS hearing aid but to no avail. Recently through recommendation, my husband contacted Rob Donnan and was fitted […]